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Constitution Day of Ukraine


The Constitution Day of Ukraine is considered one of the honored national holidays. For many centuries, Ukrainians have fought hard for their freedom, wanting to live by their laws and traditions. Therefore, the adoption of the main bill is a holiday that proves that all attempts to gain sovereignty and independence were not in vain.

The Constitution of Ukraine was approved in 1996. All members of the government worked hard to draft a fateful bill throughout the night from June 27 to June 28. The deputies discussed important issues regarding the state language, symbols and citizens' right to private property.
Adoption of the Constitution, which has the highest legal force, has strengthened the authority of Ukraine among other countries. According to the laws, the head of state is the president, who must guarantee the adoption and compliance with the Constitution. In this country, the main value is the person, his life, health and dignity.
Every year in honor of the Constitution Day of Ukraine in the country are held various events, the streets are decorated with banners and flags. There are congratulatory concerts in the cities.