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100 years to the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Department of UTOG


On December 23, the Dnieper celebrated the centenary of the establishment of a public organization, and then a regional organization of the All-Ukrainian Public Organization of Disabled Persons, the Ukrainian Society of the Deaf.

A solemn and concert program was organized for numerous guests who came from many cities of Dnipropetrovsk region. Also noted was the International Charitable Foundation of Alexander Petrovsky Solidarity, which constantly and regularly provides assistance and support to the community.
Honorary diplomas were awarded to the President of the Foundation Alexander Petrovsky and the Vice-President of the Yana Ivanovna Ivanova Foundation.

Representatives of the public organization of the deaf expressed their hope for continued cooperation and noted that the actions and good deeds of the International Charitable Foundation Alexander Petrovsky Solidarity should be followed by other organizations of the Dnieper and Ukraine.